Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update Jul 30

-Finished Wilderness First Responder in May
-Several trips up to Tahquitz Rock, in Idyllwild, California to work trad

-Three days in the Palisades--partner struggled with blisters, but still a good trip

Monday, April 18, 2011

Descending, the HARD WAY...

Note to self: When on a knife-edge ridge, before putting on skis, stomp out a really big platform, and if in doubt, anchor in before attaching feet to boards designed to slide down snow...good thing he put on the helmet before he put on the skis!!

WFR Postponed

Due to work commitments, I had to postpone my participation in the Wilderness First Responder Course taught by Sue Purvis at Lake Tahoe.  Of course, that means I also had to put off my planned backcountry ski safari to the Sierra...but coming soon.

Thanks, Sue for flexing to let me attend in Montana in May.

Saturday, March 26, 2011



In the video, a Russian Army crew doing avalanche control with an artillery piece last week in what is identified as North Ossetia release a doozy of a powder avalanche.  The whole slope crumbles--magnificently--and the Russians end up running for cover...although it might look like a cloud of harmless powder, watch carefully at the 1:19 mark...the pink flashes are the power lines getting knocked out!!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


April 13 - 17        
What:  Wilderness First Responder Course 
Where: Incline Village, NV
Why:  Provide basic trauma and medical care away from EMS 

April 18, 19          
What:  Backcountry skiing. 
Where:  Depending on conditions, looking at Virginia Lakes area (Dunderberg Peak) or Basin Mountain and Mount Locke, (Wahoo Gully) or Mount Tom, (Elderberry Canyon)
Why:  Sample some spring corn on some of the US Highway 395 roadside giants.

April 30 - May 3  
What:  Sierra Spring Ski Tour
Where: Perhaps North Lake, Piute Pass, Alpine Col, Lamarck Pass--we'll keep our options open, based on conditions, time available and attitude.
Why:  More extended ski mountaineering trip under spring conditions.

Mid-late May:
What:  Easy trd rock climbing
Where:  Tahquitz rock...several easy Left Ski Track, Northeast Face, Angels Fright, Jensen's Jaunt, The Uneventful, Fingertrip
Why:  Get some low stress trad mileage

Plus, as my work schedule slows down a bit, I plan to start getting to the climbing gym, and once I am limbered up, I plan to take a few private lessons from a coach.

Ice Climbing Fall

Will Gadd rips (albeit constructively) on the ice climbing techniques (or lack thereof) seen in this video   

Will says that it takes climbing (properly) about 150 thirty meter pitches of ice to understand the medium at a minimal level of competence.  Check it out.  Well worth the 15 minutes.